Our Mission

The mission of Headwaters RC&D is to:

  • Promote quality of life and sustainable living
  • Protect and restore natural resources
  • Assist and implement natural resource and community development projects
  • Provide stewardship education
  • Facilitate regional cooperation

Headwaters RC&D exists to educate and engage local citizens about conservation issues with the intention of that education leading to a positive change in our area.

we can't do this alone...    

Headwaters RC&D relies on support from numerous organizations to allow it to leverage funding, provide technical assistance, and ensure the success of environmental, agricultural, and economic development projects throughout the region.
Support is used to realize this mission and is do my homework recognized in

cleaner streams
healthier communities
groups empowered to continue their grassroots efforts

Our History

Headwaters Resource Conservation & Development Council was formed in 1978 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to coordinate public and private agencies for projects that address the needs of eight counties in north-central Pennsylvania (Elk, Cameron, Clearfield, Jefferson, Potter, McKean, Centre and Clinton); reaching out to a population of approximately 418,000 residents.

Headwaters' impact area was established as one of nine conservation areas in Pennsylvania, and was one of the original three designated areas in the state.

Each of the eight counties within the Headwaters RC&D region is represented on the Council by appointees selected from County Commissioners, County Conservation Districts, and County Planning Departments.

Headwaters RC&D sponsors projects that address water, forest, and agriculture resources, as well as community and economic development, environmental education, and recreational needs of the region.

Our area of impact:

The Headwaters Resource Conservation and Development area includes the counties of:


serving a population of over 418,000 residents.

Headwaters RC&D’s impact area was established in 1978 as one of nine conservation areas in Pennsylvania, and was one of the original three designated areas in the state.


Headwaters RC&D Council Appointees

The county commissioners, county conservation districts, and county planning departments in our eight-county region each select an appointee to represent their county and serve on the Headwaters RC&D Council.

Additionally, any individual or group with an interest in Headwaters RC&D is welcome to participate as a stakeholder.

Meetings are held quarterly, with locations alternating among each of the eight counties, and anyone is welcome to attend.

2019 Quarterly Meeting Dates and Locations


 February 6th

Cameron County


 May 1st

Elk County


 August 7th

Clinton County


 November 6th

McKean County