Below is a sampling of past and present projects that Headwaters has undertaken

Northwest Pennsylvania Annual Grazing Conference

For 20 years, the Northwest Pennsylvania Annual Grazing Conference has been educating its attendees on important conservation topics such as soil improvement strategies, forage, and animal components in grazing operations.  These practices and teachings promise economic success for the producer as well as land improvement which allows for successful production year after year.

Sinnemahoning Stakeholders Watershed Grant Program (SSWGP)

The Sinnemahoning Stakeholders Watershed Grant Program disburses approximately $150K annually towards watershed restoration and environmental improvement projects in the affected watershed area.  To date, over $1.1 million has been awardedd back into Sinnemahoning and Portage Creek watersheds through projects.

Statewide Technical Assistance to the Wetland Reserve Program (WRP/WRE)

This grant funding was awarded through USDA-NRCS to provide technical assistance in Pennsylvania with statewide application of wildlife habitat conservation practices through farm bill programs. The WRP Technician employed by Headwaters serves as a technical liaison for NRCS to US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) with the primary goal and responsibility of securing state and federal permits for WRP/WRE program.  This technician also serves as the technical expert in wetland identification, delineation, and wetland regulations. While assisting with technical design of WRP/WRE projects, they also serve on the WRP/WRE field team to promote WRP/WRE, conduct site visits, determine eligibility, rank and evaluate potential sites for enrollment.

Technical Assistance for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Initiative (CBWI)

This grant funding was awarded through USDA-NRCS.  Its role is to provide technical assistance for planning through the construction of a waste storage facility and other supporting practices.  This is accomplished through working with the NRCS Bloomsburg Area Engineer who can identify the farm, conduct site showings, and task orders and payments to the engineering firm. The Donald Dunkle Farm is the identified project located in Centre County, PA.

Colcom Foundation "Headwaters Drinking Water Quality Project"

This grant provided the opportunity for 745 families in all eight Headwaters counties to secure chain of custody water sample analyses of their private water supplies prior to Marcellus shale gas drilling activities. Partnering with Penn State Extension and the University, Headwaters provided a one-day workshop in each of the eight counties to educate the landowners on what their water tests results mean and ways to correct the problem/contamination.

Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) Trainings

Headwaters and NRCS entered into an agreement to administer and host program trainings made available to NRCS and their partnering agencies. This would include all coordination with the facility on set up and catering, record keeping of attendees, printing and stuffing training material packets, taking registration on the day of the conference, reporting, and final follow ups,  etc.

Weed Control & Wildlife Habitat Management (aka CREP)

Grant funding was secured through USDA-NRCS for technical assistance to be applied towards helping producers better understand weed control methods and wildlife habitat management under the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP).

Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)

The Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) offers all eligible Pennsylvania farmers and forestland owners the opportunity to be rewarded through land stewardship payments.  Headwaters held local workshops in each of the eight counties to provide technical assistance outreach for CSP to increase the potential for all eligible participants to understand the program and to provide an acceptable application in PA due to the 2008 Farm Bill.

Community/Pollinator Garden Program

Headwaters secured funding to provide a high tunnel to the Brockway Area School District's Greenhouse and to Cameron County School District to provide upgrades/materials for more raised beds and stone walkways, purchase plants, topsoil, and mulch.



Over the past 25 years, Headwaters has raised over $10 million for projects that have:

  • Improved more than 130 miles of streams

  • Conserved 1500 acres of forest

  • Built over 65 miles of trails

  • Helped producers conserve and improve nearly 6400 acres of farmland

  • Supported 156 conservation and community development projects.

“At the headwaters, streams are very small and they are not always recognized as resources. Yet it is here in the headwaters that waterways have the most intimate connection with the landscape, making them most sensitive to disturbance and pollution.  Up in the headwaters is where the battle for water quality and healthy streams is won or lost.”

               ~ Shandor Szalay