SSWGP Round 10 Applications

Hello everyone,

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 22nd at 10:00 am at the Cameron County Courthouse, Jurors Room.

Conf Call – 712-770-4010

Passcode – 177337#

Here are the following applications for review under Round 10. $159,010 has been approved for Round 10 and an additional ~$125,688 is earmarked from previous rounds and leftover funding.

List of Applicants Round 10

03. Round ranking sheet

Applications Received:

  1. Elk County CD – Drainage Improvments for Bennetts Valley Senior Center
  2. BWA Driftwood Branch Invasive Plant Control Project
  3. CCCD – Cameron County Recycling and Illegal Dump Project
  4. CCCD – Cameron County Watershed Restoration
  5. Huston Twsp – Bennett Branch Streambank Stabilization
  6. CCOYA – Dubler Nature Trail Improvements
  7. PSU 4H Education Grant
  8. Shippen Twsp – Plank Road Hollow Environmentally Sensitive Maint.
  9. WPC Hellbender Proposal 2018

Other additional Information:

  1. SSWGP Summary of Funding left over from Rounds
  2. SSWGP List of All Grants Funded

Please let me know if you have any issues opening any of these.

See you all on Monday.


Brittany Dittemore